ClickEarners Review: Your Path to Work-at-Home Success?

Hey, and welcome. In this ClickEarners review, I’ll guide you through the ins and outs of ClickEarners, providing helpful suggestions and reasons why it may or may not be a great option for those seeking remote work.

As someone who’s passionate about earning from home, I come across lots of “opportunities” online.

If you are looking for a flexible way to earn money from the comfort of your own home, ClickEarners may or may NOT be the answer you’ve been searching for. So, let’s dive in!

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ClickEarners Review

In this review, we’ll take a look at what ClickEarners is all about, how it works, and whether or not it’s your path to work-at-home success.

  • Website:
  • Offer: Digital product
  • Who is it for: Beginner Freelancers

So there I was reading about this 13-year-old girl who spent her family’s fortune on video games. I know, crazy right? Anyway, as I was reading through the article, I saw this ClickEarners ad. Of course my curiosity was piqued. So, naturally I had to check it out.

Here’s what I found!

What is ClickEarners?

ClickEarners is a website that provides information about how to become a freelancer or online assistant and get paid to do various tasks from home. That’s their main focus.

Freelancing, becoming a virtual assistant, or doing other paid tasks/projects is actually a great way to earn money from home.

It allows for flexibility, there are diverse opportunities available regardless of skill set, and you can work for individuals or businesses from different countries.

Depending on the task, no experience may be required.

How it Works

In three (3) simple steps

  • 1. Register
  • 2. Activate your account and login to the members area
  • 3. Follow the simple instructions to start working and earning.

Registration is a simple process.

Go to, and click on register. To register, all you need to do is enter your name and email address. Once your registration is approved, you’ll get to the next page to activate your account. registration steps.

Activating your account means selecting a membership option. More on this below.

Is ClickEarners Free to Join

While anyone can join, ClickEarners is NOT free to join.

A fee is required to activate your membership. Below are the membership options for ClickEarners.

ClickEarners membership options

Now I did not purchase any of the memberships.

I had to stop and ask myself, “What am I paying for here?”

Doing my due diligence I looked around the website for more information. Then it hit me. I am really paying for information on “how to work remotely as an ‘Online Assistant’.” I am buying information to inspire, educate, and motivate me on my freelancing quest.

That’s not information that I need. But perhaps other people do.

According to ClickEarners…

We empower all kinds of people around the world to have the work-life balance they desire and earn the income they deserve by showing them how to work remotely as an ‘Online Assistant’.

An Online Assistant is someone who undertakes work, tasks and projects on behalf of companies on a freelance basis. At ClickEarners, we provide our members with all the training, resources and support they need via our comprehensive online portal to make their work from home dream a reality. We exist to inspire, educate and motivate.

Is ClickEarners a Scam?

Well, no. However some people feel differently about it, as per the snapshots below.

But membership sites are totally legitimate. So too are websites that sell digital products.

ClickEarners may hook you up with a freelance or virtual task, since they cater to businesses listing opportunities.

But based on what they are doing, finding jobs for people is NOT their primary focus. Added to that, you should never pay anything to do a job. That’s not how it works offline and it certainly does not work that way online.

While some people might think they’ve been scammed, that’s not the case.

ClickEarners has clearly stated on their website that they are selling information and that “ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site.” 

It is also stated on the website that “there is a fee to access our informational product.” So it’s clear that they are selling information related to “working and earning online as a freelance/self-employed assistant.”

Their website further states that they are not offering employment or looking to find anyone a job.

ClickEarners is an informational product which provides information and resources relating to working and earning online as a freelance / self-employed assistant. There is a fee to access our informational product in the members area. We are not offering anyone who registers with us a job, employment or paid work, nor do we seek to find anyone a job, employment or paid work.

This is why you need to do your due diligence as a consumer of information and when it comes to accessing earn-from-home opportunities.

ClickEarners is very clear about what they do and the only benefit here is access to information. Most likely this digital product is for people looking for information about how to get started freelancing or becoming a virtual assistant.

So it’s probably about setting up your profile, being proactive in finding the tasks or projects that align with your interests, and perhaps networking. That information could be helpful to someone who maybe looking for details about getting started in the virtual world of task completion and freelancing.

ClickEarners Alternative

I hope this ClickEarners review has been helpful. I always advocate doing due diligence when it comes to online opportunities. Read the fine print and take responsibility for your actions!

Even though ClickEarners is legitimate it just may not be the answer to what you are looking for.

Task completion, data entry, virtual assistant, writing app reviews, and freelancing are all great ways to earn an income from home. They are most likely some of the easiest ways to make money from home and they are great ways to supplement your income.

You’ll also have to work at them consistently and perhaps take a multiple task approach to earn more money.

However, websites like and, and others, are much better options to find earn from home job opportunities.

But what about doing something different and earning multiple streams of income from home?

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